Instant Expert on W Magazine – Information on History, Publisher and Management

You may have noticed the enormous W Magazine at the counter when check out at your local high-end grocery store, but what you may not realize is that the magazine comes from a one-hundred year old publishing tradition. This article briefly covers the history of W Magazine’s publishing, and goes on to detail the current executive team its subscription base.W Magazine is published by Fairchild Publications, Inc. Fairchild was founded in 1892 by Louis Fairchild in Chicago, Illinois. The original intention of the company was to scoop news items related to retail and fashion for print. Around 1900 Fairchild moved to New York. Fairchild describes W Magazine as a read that includes “high and low culture…via rich text and the most intriguing photography of any magazine in the world.”Patrick McCarthy is the chairman and editorial director of both W Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily. He began working for Fairchild Publications at WWD in London writing on fashion and society. Today he is known for allowing mega-stars and celebrities to appear in print interviews telling-all, but perhaps without meaning to. He moved up through the ranks taking on the roles of both Executive Editor and eventually Executive Vice President of both W and WWD.Nina Lawrence has served as the vice president and publisher of W since March of 2005. She had previously worked in Fairchild Publication’s Fairchild Bridal Group, and publisher of Mademoiselle. Her experience covers roles at a number of bridal magazines such as Bride’s, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. Earlier she was able to vastly grow profits for the “tween’s” publication Disney Adventures Magazine.The magazine offers enormous advertising with a non-bleed publishing size of nine and a quarter by twelve and three-eighths inches. The subscription base sits around 418,778, with monthly newsstand numbers of 44,482 copies. Seventy-eight percent of readers of the magazine are female with the largest group in the eighteen to forty-nine year old range. The average reader is thirty-five and has a house-hold income of $82,353.The size and dynamic covers that the magazine produces month after month means that the magazine is hard to miss as you’re checking out–but next time you do consider the breadth of the chic publishing force behind this high-fashion magazine.